Episode 8: The Corpsewood Murders

Episode 8: The Corpsewood Murders

January 24, 2019

In 1982, Dr. Charless Lee Scudder and his partner, Joseph Odom, were living the American dream. They had built their own home in the mountains, where they entertained friends and enjoyed their retirement. Then one night, two supposed friends turned on them, and the evening ended in murder. Cam and Sarah discuss Georgia's infamous Corpsewood Manor murders.

Mentioned in this episode
"A Castle in the Country" (Charles L. Scudder, Mother Earth News, March/April 1981)
"The Tragic Case of Dr. Charles Lee Scudder, Satanist" (churchofsatan.com)
"Haunted Horror: The True Story of Georgia's Corpsewood Murders" (Ken Summers, weekinweird.com, February 10, 2014)
Corpsewood Manor — A Castle in the Woods (memorial Facebook page)

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